Surely You Wouldn’t Stand For It!

Imagine with me a scenario… understand it’s not just an imagination but a real event that people are struggling with… and some don’t even realize it…

You’re a parent, and you are rocking it. You have built an amazing home and you’re family is prosperous. Not everything is perfect. Your kids can display the occasional rebelliousness that comes with childhood, but on the whole Love is the over-arching theme of everything your family is built upon.

Of course, like every successful family you have rules. You’ve spent a great deal of time teaching your children how to act, how to be courteous, how to behave, how to respond to others and also to you. You’ve taught them up “in the way they should go” and even a great deal about health, diet, disease, money, business, etc. Of course you have given them spiritual instruction… you’ve taught them how to worship, honor, and how to walk in righteousness… and you also have used fun and family traditions to illustrate what life is really about… you built specific traditions for your family that would not only give them great joy, but contain major life lessons and even glimpses into things to look for in the world to come. You’ve left no parenting stone unturned in raising up your children. (Don’t we all wish we could do so great a job…)

In fact… you’ve done such an amazing job; realizing how much your home has to offer you decide to adopt… It’s going to cost you a lot, but it’ll be worth it. You decide to bring in this forgotten, lost, hurting, wounded child into your home and give them the love they so desperately need.

You’ve not just brought them into your home and family, you’ve given them your name and access to everything that is your family’s. You love this little kid so much that you not only give them “things” they have never had, but every bit of status that goes along with being 100% your child. Every bit of inheritance that was once reserved only for your children now theirs as well. You see no difference.

And you begin to instruct them in the ways of your family… to be a part of this family means to take on this new identity, new (to them) mindset, and for them to learn the things you’ve taught your children… but something happens…

As this new child begins to learn the things they are being instructed in, old ways, rebellion, and a new sense of pride kicks in. It’s not extremely apparent at first, but then one day it’s as if a switch has been flipped.

This new kid thanks you for the authority, the status, the inheritance it has coming, but begins to say that it doesn’t want to follow your “house” rules… they are old, make no sense, and there is no value in them in today’s world… at least not all of them… they’ll do the things they like and agree with, but most  of it is just “dumb.” At this point, it sounds like typical teenager attitude… nothing that can’t be corrected… but instead it slowly gets worse.

Eventually this kid somehow manipulates the entire family until is takes over…

It berates the other children who want to be obedient, even telling them that following your ways will lead to them ruining their future… that to really live, they simply need to follow you instead. Eventually this kid tells YOU that your family holidays are stupid and worthless and decides to instead celebrate their own in YOUR home… blatantly thumbing their nose at you…

The kid begins bringing junk food into your home you’ve never allowed, horrible music, immodest clothes, no longer goes to church with you… but goes with friends to a church that lines up more with his beliefs… I mean… at least he’s going, but still… 

And here’s the thing… you know deep down this kid really does love you… at least you think he does… and he shows glimpses that he really does get what you’ve tried to teach him and express the love you’ve shown… but disregards your ways over and over again and teaches others to do the same… and flat out tells you, “I love you…. but this IS who I am, and who you adopted me to really be… Not one of your real kids, but something better, more free, more laid back, and more relevant…

And what if in this scenario, one day… this kid even went to your children and told them… “I had a talk with the parent… sorry, he loves me more now… so good news for me, bad for you… you are out… you are no longer a part of this family… at least until I am grown and move out… You can take all the crap that Dad taught you and bounce… he never really liked any of that stuff anyway… he just thought you were a bad kid so he made you do that stuff… Look, don’t cry… maybe after I grow up and I’m out of the house you can come back and visit and do your weirdo traditions again with them for old time sake… but for now, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I want you to truly imagine if you were this parent… and you had to sit back and watch this scenario play out… how would you feel? Honestly… how would you feel about your kids, both the ones you have loved for so long… and this rebellious, manipulative child that you truly do love just as much… Can you feel the tension? The disunity? Would you feel like somehow the entire plan went off the rails?

Now, imagine with me this story from a different perspective… What if you were that child? What if you felt you truly did love that Father, but felt deep down you were right? What if you really felt you were bringing freedom and truth to the family you loved so dear, and that possibly it even caused you to despise your siblings that didn’t believe you? Could you be so wrong but from a good heart? Maybe…

Now what if, in this completely “imaginary” scenario, that Father was Adonai, the one true God… and those children were the ecclesia of Israel, and the adopted son was the modern church… go back and read it again from this perspective and research church history, replacement theology, two house theology, anti-Torah/Law teaching, and you will find this scenario is not made up at all…

You may not agree, you may not like it, and I can almost guarantee it’s not what you’ve been taught… but it if you will read the Bible without your preconceptions and really research church history, the history of the first church councils in Rome, the history of the New Testament coming together, you will see this playing out almost line for line… even to the point of the church teaching they have replaced Israel, and distorting the true gospel of Yeshua.

The Father instructed us in his ways… Yeshua, Jesus, taught and kept the Torah, and even instructed his disciples to… and then told them to go make disciples of all Nations, teaching them everything he taught… he paid the ultimate price to bring salvation to all and so that we could be adopted completely into his family, so that the Law, yes that Law, would be written on our hearts… Yeshua fulfilled the Torah, not to abolish, but show us how to live it properly… and at first this is what the ecclesia, the church, did… We followed The Way, “a Nazarene Jewish Sect,” as Paul mentioned… (Acts 24)

But then, a few hundred years later, the adopted son began to teach that he knew better, that the Father’s ways were old and outdated, even temporary because of his previous kids horrible rebellious ways, and have taught that by the sacrifice of Yeshua, instead of being adopted in to the family, we have taken over and have the authority to rewrite and reinterpret his ways, holidays, redefine sin (1 John 3:4), and teach against His teachings in righteousness… 

We have wildly successful megachurch pastors, such as Andy Stanley, making millions from books that literally teach the God of the Old Testament is a completely different God from the New Testament and that none of the commandments even apply anymore except love God and love people.

And some even teach that the Father is through with his other children, even hates them.

It was this wretched and unbiblical teaching that has been leading to (once again) rising anti-semitism, and even shootings, by those who consider themselves Christian… and if you think that this is something new, I again implore you to search church history… it’s not…


Church, there are so many future prophecies about the ecclesia / church following the Torah and having the testimony of Messiah Yeshua. Praise Adonai that so many are waking up to the truth found in both. Over and over in the New Testament we are admonished to not be lawless, to follow the Torah, to not replace the teaching of the Father with the traditions of men… It’s time we stop being the arrogant adopted kid and truly become sons and daughters of the Most High, walk in his ways, and love him the way he taught us to.

Everyone who believes that Yeshua is the Messiah is born of God, and everyone who loves the Father loves the one born of Him. We know that we love God’s children by this—when we love God and obey His commandments. For this is the love of God—that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome. 1 John 5:1-3


For a great teaching on the Natsarim, or Nazarene Sect as it is translated in Acts, I reccomend this documentary: The Natsarim




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